Rompiendo Cadenas

Eurotour 2016

Streets On Fire

Fuck You We Rule OK! 2016

Welcome To The 3D ERA

When fiction becomes reality...

Reality comes out of TV, destruction and hate are all around, panic invaded the city, media is now full of bad news...

Van A Odiar

Haters gonna hate!

Even if they try to think ignore us this noise will be heard daily, our ideas travel the world because we shout too loud. Haters gonna hate!

Y Sigue La Destrucción

The Destruction Countinues

Even if our rulers become richer killing whoever opposes them, when nuclear threats become common, when they kill the life on the planet just for money and the mass media still washing brains … the destruction continues.

Europe Tour 2014 Documentary

Fun, drunkenness & Rock 'n' Roll

A summary of the 2 tours of Acidez in Europe, with flyers of the events, calendar dates and locations of the shows, and a list of bands that shared stage and good experiences.

Camino Al Infierno

Road To Hell

Interview in Madrid, Spain

For the spanish T.V. show "Y tú ké miras, gilipollas!"